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 DJ or Band?

12 Good Reasons to Hire a DJ Instead of a Band

(1)  DJ's are much less expensive.  A reputable band that regularly plays receptions could easily cost $2500 and up, while the average price for a DJ is $300 and up.  You can always find lower-priced or higher-priced DJs.

(2)  DJs don't take breaks.  You will always have music during your reception.

(3)  If a particular band doesn't have a female singer or brass, or other prominent sounds, look at all the songs they can't perform properly.

(4)  DJs act as coordinators and usually set the pace of your event, coordinating with the caterer, photographer, hall, and videographer, to make you event run smoothly.  Bands just usually show up and play.

(5)  DJs take up less space, allowing more room for dancing, etc.

(6)  DJs have unlimited music variety available to be played… from big band to Jazz, ethnic to current music.  If it's been recorded, a DJ can play it. Most DJs carry thousands of tunes to choose from, yet if a band knows 300 songs, that's considered amazing!

(7)  Can the band re-create the sound exactly like the actual artist (for example, Harry Connick's Jazz Band)?  With a DJ, you always get the original version, and DJs can often offer a variety of versions to suit your taste.

(8)  The #1 complaint about bands is controlling music volume. DJs can easily control volume.

(9)  A DJ has the capability of playing a current song the day it comes out, while the band has to practice it for weeks.

(10)  If one of the band members gets sick, the band will sound very different from what you expected… particularly if the lead singer is absent.  Reliability is much higher using a DJ, for even a cold and sore throat won't affect the sound of the music… and… a DJ service usually has another well-trained DJ as a back-up.

(11)  It is customary to offer you're a meal to the entertainer.  With a band, there are at least 4 or more members, and at the high cost of meals, this could easily add another $200 to your expenses!

(12)  From the time you hire a band to the date of your event, there may have been a few personnel changes.  A different lead singer or guitarist can dramatically change the sound of your band.  You could wind up with an entirely different band on your wedding day, and they wouldn't even have to tell you!




DJ or Band?



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